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Have you already picked the computer of your dreams at TekRefurbs? Worrying about what comes next? Worry no more because...

TekRefurbs is officially a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. This is great news for you because with every computer you buy from us, you get a fully licensed, authentic Windows operating system installed on it. As a further convenience, you will receive a legal Certificate of Authenticity (C.O.A.) on your new computer.

Since the humble beginnings of our company, we have maintained our goal to help customers have a straightforward, streamlined computer-buying experience. By delivering high-quality computers at a push-button convenience, we have managed to surpass customers’ expectations since our first day of business. Becoming a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher was the final piece of the package when it comes to our goal and you get to reap the fruits of our efforts.

As part of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbished program, there are rigorous rules we must follow in order to participate in the MAR program by Microsoft. The requirements ensure that the end-buyer receives a dependable, no corners cut, high-endurance refurbished computer.

Ultimately, it ensures quality and peace of mind for you and pride and confidence in our computers for us.