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The Product KEY will be located toward the back of your new PC. If you purchased a laptop, it is usually on the bottom of the case. Below you will see a sample picture of the label that contains a 25 alpha-numeric code (called a Product Key). You will need to scratch off the silver ink to reveal the first 10 characters of the Product Key.

Write down or take a picture with your mobile device of the Product Key before you begin to set up the computer, as you will need to enter it during the initial startup. It is much easier to have the key in hand when beginning to set up your new Computer or Laptop.

In case it fails to activate, please check the following:

  • In order to activate Windows, you must be connected to the internet.
  • The product key is small and must be looked at closely under a bright light.
  • Some letters and numbers look alike (Ex. B & 8, K & X, G & 6, Y & V). Please pay extra close attention when entering these characters.
  • Please note Letters E, U, L, A, O, S, I, Z, AND Numbers 1, 0, 5 are never used in the product key combination.

The Windows Software on all TekRefurbs Computers are Brand New, Genuine Microsoft Software. During the activation process, if the key is not entered correctly, you may get a warning that claims the Windows Software on your computer is not Genuine, please do not worry if this happens and reenter the Product Key. If you need assistance, please contact TekRefurb’s Tek Care Team Toll-Free at 1-833-TEK-FURB (835-3872).