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Buying Refurbished Computers Is a Good Idea. Buying Them at Tekrefurbs Is a Great One.

The myth that refurbished computers are almost always broken, unsatisfactory or lacking in their working capacity is just that — a myth. In reality, most computers are refurbished because only a minor hardware or software problem was spotted by a consumer, who promptly returned the product and the problem was fixed by the retailer. In some cases, it was the packaging that was faulty and that’s the reason why the computer was returned.

Even computers that are returned before delivered are given the “refurbished” label. Under the law, in all of these cases, the product is no longer new, but refurbished, hence the scary myth about lack of quality. The advantages of buying refurbished computers are substantial. First, your wallet will thank you because the prices of refurbished computers are considerably lower than the prices of new ones. Who doesn’t need a great deal these days?

Additionally, the quality of the computers you buy at TekRefurbs is great, as the refurbished computers are stress-tested to such a degree that they are actually more reliable than out-of-the-box computers.

A major part of your decision is, or at least should be, the warranty. This is where we shine!

At TekRefurbs, every computer that you purchase comes with a 90 day warranty and optional 1 year extended warranty for only extra $25. This means that you can be stress-free and confident with your purchase knowing that you are covered for 90 day or one year in case anything goes wrong with your system.

Ready to get a computer on your desk?

Here are some additional things to consider before making your purchase:
- What are the hardware capabilities your computer should have?
- What is the computer going to be used for?
- What is the price point you are comfortable paying?
- Do you require any peripherals for your computer?

You have all your thoughts wrapped up and your decision made? 

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